Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Riley Anne Baby Shower

Our big day!  I wanted to include Hannah in this as much as possible, so that's why I call it "our" big day.  She had her party dress, that came with a matching doll dress.  I curled my hair, and hers.  And we both had makeup on!  I even wore a skirt and heels!  
My sister made her goal to plan the best baby shower ever, and I have to say she did it!  It felt so good to sit back and watch her, I felt so special and so loved.  Seeing Casey as so excited made me even more excited about it all.  

Cernock girls before leaving the house.

Here you can see Hannah and sock monkey, in their matching outfits.  

Just after arriving.

Casey's diaper cake!  

The best sister ever!

Me, with Michelle and Casey

Natalie, me and Kelly

Why do people at social gathering always hang out around the food?  
No matter how much room you have in other places of the house, everyone is always standing around the food!

A handmade quilt from Michelle.  Some of you may remember
that she made one for Hannah's baby shower too.

Hannah was so excited about it all.

Hannah, helping me open gifts.

Amy picked up a little something for Casey and Michelle, as a thank you.  
It was a gift certificate to Renaissance Day Spa.  They both REALLY
liked it!  

The best cake ever!
26.2 - Marathon distance

A girl running with a stroller

Here you can see Hannah's button.  It says "I'm the Big Sister"

The image on the side of the cake is a girl running while pushing a stroller.  The image
on top is a thought bubble with "26.2" inside.  That's marathon distance.  And that's what I'll do next year!
Inside the cake, between the two chocolate layers, are strawberries!  It was AWESOME

These are just some photo's of us all hanging out.  
Jen and Maddie

I think this is such a good picture of Casey and Michelle.

Casey and Matt.  Not a very good picture of Matt, now that I look at it!

Amy, my other mother.  All this could not have happened without her.


Kelly and me.  We've been friends since 6th grade.  We meet in Battle of the Books.  We were instantly close and have remained so since, with the exception of a 
few short spats.  Now she lives in Chicago.  She flew in, as a surprise, for the shower.  It was her wedding that took me to Vegas last year: Vegas  

Leah, who also made the drive down from DC to celebrate with me.  

Almost everyone: Alaina, Leah, Kelly, Natalie, Amy
Michelle, Casey, Me and Brynn

The kids: Hannah, Vivian, Ethan, 
Maddie and Logan

Towards the end of the shower we got the news of the tornados that had hit north Fayetteville.  David called to tell us and to make sure no one was leaving traveling 
in that direction.  Then our baby shower turned into a tornado party as we all sat, waiting to see what would happen next.  

Michelle lost power, so she broke out a little emergency radio, which Casey stayed on top off.  

All in all, a great day for us.  We were south of all the damage Fayetteville took on.  And it took on quite a bit of damage.  We just saw heavy winds and rain.  

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