Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pool Play

We started out with a small one.  David didn't want to put up the big inflatable pool because he didn't want to kill the the sod.  I get it, but it's hot in NC, and I have a giant belly!  So I improvised and bought one of the small plastic kiddie pools, just something I could sit in with Hannah or rest my feet in.

I also picked up two of these water squirt things.  

Hannah likes them.....a lot!

She had fun playing with Papa.

About two weeks ago, David came across another pool that he thought we might like better.  After careful inspection, I agreed!  The nice thing about this one is that it is deep.  If I filled it, I could sit in it with water to my chest.  Hannah likes the slide.  She's already started going down head first, which we think will help her become more adjusted to water being splashed in her face.  In this picture Ethan is wetting the slide to better sliding action.  

And that's what we call money well spent!  

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Anonymous said...

David didn't want a pool because it would hurt the sod?!?!? Good God... he sounds like me! Well, I'm a grandpa now and damn the sod, full speed ahead with the pool, and let the sod live or die as Darwin predicts!

Grandpa Bob