Sunday, May 1, 2011

The birthday party

The big event was yesterday.  With Ethan, Hannah and Vivian all sharing birthdays so close together, it takes some coordination to ensure that everyone can make to everyone's event.  That's why Hannah's birthday party was Saturday.  We invited her closest friends over to the house: Vivian, Ethan, Braylon, and a newcomer, Kyle.  We kept it small and low key since I was managing it all by myself.  David had to work, and I didn't want to get carried away.  

Here's what the kids spent an hour doing: playing in the water.  Braylon, the kid standing by Vivian, was really good at the slip n slide.  Ethan and Braylon were the only ones who really figured out how to do it.  

In the pool. 

My only regret is that we didn't have more of the MaxLiquidator's, which everyone wanted to play with.  They're so much better than a little ole squirt gun!

Braylon, going after Vivian and Ethan.

They also played in Hannah's play house and on the swing set.  I loved seeing this!

So young, yet you already see how girls get boys to do things for them!

Hannah's only request for her birthday: a tinkerbell fairy cake.  I actually bought EXTRA fairies to put on it for her.  You may notice that we have Tangled plates and napkins to go with our Tinkerbell cake, her party was a combination of the two.  

A little bashful while we were singing happy birthday

So after cake I told Hannah we could open gifts.  As soon as I said that, she bolted from the table with 3 kids following (Kyle was still eating cake.)  A few minutes later, VIvian and Ethan come into the kitchen, grab a gift and starting carting it away.  Curious, I followed them back to the play room to find hannah sitting on the futon opening gifts!  The gifts for her from mom and dad were in her playroom and she knew that, so when I told her she could open gifts, she did just that!  She sat there, so daintily, waiting on her gifts!
 Opening gifts, please excuse my expression.  Or just don't enlarge the photo! 

Her gift from Aunt Debbie

From mom and dad.

Look at all that pink and purple...

From Great Grandma Cernock

Notice the halo

It was a great day.  She had a lot of fun.  And it was fun for me, without being too stressful.  

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