Saturday, May 21, 2011

Strawberry Picking

Last weekend Hannah and I went to a local strawberry farm to pick some strawberries.  I wanted to get a bunch so that I could freeze them.  Michelle picked strawberries about a week before and brought me 5 jars of strawberry preserves (syrup ; )) so I wasn't going to do that, just freeze them to have throughout the year.  I used to go pick strawberries with my grandma at this farm.  

Here's the pictures from our strawberry picking adventure.  

Surprisingly, she didn't eat any.  She was red from head to toe when we finished.  We picked 2 buckets full.  As we were leaving, Hannah spilled the one she was carrying in the sand.  I just scooped them back up in our bucket.  The guy at the stand offered to let me pick some more that were not covered in sand  but I explained that it was no big deal.  I soaked and rinsed them a few times when I got home, before I did anything with them.  We got about 9 lbs of strawberries and I froze all but about 1 pound.  

The next day I made homemade strawberry muffins with the preserves Michelle brought me.  I should've taken pictures of them!  I used a pretty basic strawberry muffin recipe, but left out the sugar and just dumped the preserves in.  I figured the preserves would have enough sugar to make the muffins sweet.  My guess was dead on, they were so good.  They were super moist and yummy.  My sunday school class really enjoyed them.

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