Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More slippin and a slidin

It all started Saturday, at Hannah's birthday party.  I pulled out the slip n slide only to discover that the only kid that really knew how to use the slip n slide was Braylon.  And I certainly couldn't show them!  The kids still had fun on it, but Hannah only went down it one time and then just stayed in the pool.  Yesterday, I asked David if he wanted to pull out the slip n slide and show Hannah how to use it.

Set up

Trying to show Hannah the concept of what she would be doing.

At first, she kept saying that the water was cold, which hindered the learning process.

She got it, with a little help from dad.

David explaining that the crouching position works best...

Wait, try again...

Like this!

It didn't take long for the water to not be cold anymore and for her to love it.

She kind of has the hang out it.  She has trouble going on her belly but she does pretty good sliding down on her butt.

Just like this, Hannah

And the float kept moving right out from underneath her.

If you look closely you can see a little bird.  He's bathing in the slip n slide water runoff.

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