Friday, May 6, 2011

Kite flying Adventure

The Easter Bunny brought Hannah spring themed things, instead of a bunch of chocolate and candy.  Is it just me or did kids get candy for everything now?!  The Easter Bunny did leave Hannah a handful of mini Kinder eggs, but the rest was spring themed: sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a kite, and a twirling baton.  We've been waiting for the right wind day to get out with the kite, which we finally had last Thursday.


          Alright Hannah, this is how you do it.            

                                 Flying it all on her own.

I like Hannah's expression in this one, you might have to zoom in for it.  

      Kite flying went better than bike riding.  It didn't last a long time, probably about 15 minutes or so.  And Hannah had fun, she even flew the kite by herself a few times.  I just stood back and watched, because does not know how to fly a kite!
Running around to get it back in the air after a fall.

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