Saturday, February 11, 2012

And so she demands....

food.  More so than Hannah ever did.  

A piece of bread.

Blueberry Yogurt.

A slice of a clementine.

Right after nursing.  

A gerber crunchy

Another gerber crunchy.

A piece of pizza crust.

An apple slice.

She loves sweet potatoes too.  I know the apple slice and clementine slice are kindy risky, because of the skins but I was careful!  She actually sucked the inside right out of the clementine skin.  She just gnawed on the apple.  She also likes chewing on carrots.  Yesterday we pulled down the high chair and have started to put her in that.    She's sitting in it right now, with a few toys.  She just threw her ball on the floor!  Everyone says that you're a little lazier, in your parenting, with the second and I can see it in Riley's eating habits.  I'm less concerned with "following the rules" with babies and eating.  Some days she eats real food two times but some days we just don't get real food at all.  Soon, Riley will be even more demanding about real food and I won't be able to be so lax with it.  But nursing is just more convenient sometimes!  With Hannah, on the other hand, she HAD to have real food every day, multiple times a day.  I may also not be strictly following the "introducing one new food every ___ days in order to watch for allergies."  Yeah, sometimes Riley gets two new foods back to back.  And I NEVER would've given Hannah a clementine slice at 6 months.  For all her eating, she's still a small squirt.  She just hit the 12 pound mark, at 12.03 lbs.  We're still in 0-3 month clothing.  Hannah was also a small squirt though, so her cardiologist thinks that Riley is just going to follow suit.  

And one last SUPER CUTE picture of Miss Riley.  David hates this hat by the way, it's too cutsy and girly for him.  

Oh, a side note on baby shoes.  I thought they were so stupid with Hannah.  I didn't buy Hannah shoes until she began to learn to walk.  Why would I put shoes on a baby, ridiculous, right!?  However, I have learned with Riley that shoes are an excellent way to keep socks on her feet!  And we were given a bunch of baby shoes.  Thus, Riley wears shoes now.  

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Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

First all those pictures are adorable and have made my stomach growl.

Second I never followed the rules with Ethan and he's my first, but I had such a great support group of women with children that I was never the paranoid mom, plus working in childcare for so long helped me a lot.

Thirdly, that hat is way too cute but my hubs said it was very girly too...guess them mens gotta stick together ;-)