Monday, August 17, 2015

Lots of laughs in Dawsonville GA

Last month, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a friend from Italy.  Brittany has been mentioned many times on here, going back to our time in Italy.  She lives in the mountains of Georgia and on my way home from Grandpa Bob's, we stopped to hang out for a few days. 

Hanging out on the back porch.  That's Brittany snapping a pic of her son Ethan and my Joshua.  

Above: My second night there, Brittany, her husband and another friend and myself went to see Shania Twain in concert.  He had received the tickets free and passed them along to us.  I'm not a big Shania Twain fan but I must say that she put on a really fantastic show! She interacted with her audience a lot, which I love seeing.  

Paper Airplanes never seem to lose their magic.  That's Bella launching hers.

Somehow paper airplanes evolved into tug of war.  

Which evolved into dragging people around on the floor on the blanket.

The kids played non stop and played hard.  

The most fantastic tree house I've ever seen 
(which I blogged about before here: Ta-da).

It was a short visit, only a few days but it was so much fun catching up.  For myself and for the kids.  We ended up pulling out Sunday evening for a quiet drive home.  That was not what I got.  Instead I had torrential rainfall and slow moving traffic because I couldn't see.  The kids napped nearly the whole way because they were just done.  

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