Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Weekend of Parties

Where does the time go?!?  I'm not quite sure though I know who is responsible.  SO I started this post months ago.  And then summer happened.  And we drove across the south eastern states.  It was fun.  But exhausting.  

So without any further waiting: here are the pictures from Hannah's birthday party.  She wanted to have it at the roller skating rink, which was fine for me.  I've become fond of having parties somewhere else.  Then it's someone's else's mess.  

Riley on skates is the best thing ever.  She turns docile.  It's incredible. 

We had a great turn out of kids.  I'm pretty sure we used all our of skate rentals.  In the picture below is Hannah, beside her is Madison and beside Madison is Peyton.  They both attend co-op with Hannah.  

Our friend Audrey usually does the cakes for us.  She created a dancer's cake fro Hannah.  

There Hannah is, chatting with Chase.

This is Emilie, with Reagan and Sydney

I let Hannah open all her gifts much later, because I wanted her to skate as long as possible.  She received books to read and a lot of art related materials.  

The following pictures are from a birthday party the day after Hannah's.  The party was for Chase, who was at Hannah's party as well.  

Riley, enjoying some skee ball.  This was a mildly dangerous scenario.  But it was one of the few game she could actually play, so she spent a lot of time there.   

I love this game, the one where you smack the animals that pop up randomly.  I thought that Riley would love this game.  She did not.  

Though Riley could not play many of the games, her and Joshua were very content sitting in these games and pushing buttons.  I didn't have to pay for them, they had a blast without any monetary contribution.  

This is probably the only picture I snapped of Hannah.  She was so wrapped up in playing with her friends, and I was trying ti keep up with Riley and Joshua.  

Look!  One more.  

Hannah takes her mini golf seriously.  Riley does not.  

So there's some photo's from May.  I wish I had more to say about them but that probably comes from waiting months to post this.  

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Susan said...

I agree, skee ball can be dangerous with little ones! (And a little dangerous with me, too.) It's my favorite game.