Saturday, August 15, 2015

Spending time at Smith Lake

Hannah spends a lot of time dancing now.  With her newly acquired spot on a competition dance team, her time spent at the studio went from 1 hour a week to 4 hours a week.  It's too much of a drive to come home so we find things to do near her studio.  It takes less than 10 minutes to get to library from there, to a park with running and hiking trails and to a paved river walk.  

Right now, while we have nice weather, we've been going to Smith Lake, which is an Army recreation center.  There's a lake and lots of hiking/running trails.  They also have two, very large and shaded, playgrounds.  

We have an arrangement, I run with the kids for 45ish minutes and then we go to the playground.  Many times, we will bring a snack and have a picnic while we are there.  I have loved spending this time with the kids.  

I can focus on just Joshua and Riley.  Sometimes I push them in the swings for 20/25 minutes straight. And the kids can explore without the interference of someone older.  

They have these great swings out there: I can put both kids into one swing.  They love it and so do I!

Here's some of my running path.  

More of my running path.  

Right on the other side of the far trail is Smith Lake.  Now the entire recreational center sits directly behind Simmons Army Airfield.  So we get the added bonus of seeing helicopter flyovers most every time we are out there.  

As long as the weather is nice, I'll continue to take them out there to do this.  Once the weather gets cold, or when it rains, we'll take our chaos to the library.  

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