Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dancing Girls

When we lived in Spring Lake, I came across a dance studio, World of Dance.  It was the most inexpensive dance studio I called and it was really close to the house.  We started attending when I was pregnant with Joshua and for the first year, only Hannah attended. 

Hannah quickly felt comfortable being there, she liked the teachers and liked dancing.  Halfway through our first year we moved across town.  However, Hannah was comfortable there.  The second year I put Riley in classes there, as well.   What I paid for two kids, is what I would have paid for one kid everywhere else I called.  

Above: Hannah is the 3rd one from the left.  

Below: She is on the right. 

In conclusion, though it is now 35 minutes away, we still attend that dance studio.  We are going into our 3rd year, and honestly, I don't see us changing studios anytime soon. 

That being said, here are some pictures from their dance recital this past June.  

Riley absolutely ate it up; she loved being front and center with so many people staring at her.  Hannah is a little more serious.  You can just see her focus and concentration.  We're working on remembering to smile while we concentrate.  

These are their professional photo's.  

Hannah is the second one from the right.  

I am typically a stage mom.  This gives me a free ticket to the show and I get to hang out with the girls back stage.  Last year, it gave me a terrific spot to see Hannah.  This year Hannah was on the opposite side of the state, so I saw very little of her but I had a great view of Riley.  

Here she is waving at me.  


Backstage, before their second performance.  

Riley, performing her heart out.  After the show, I was told by a handful of people that Riley stole the show.  He small size causes her to stand out some and then her over the top personality makes it impossible to not notice her.  Put her on stage with hundreds of people looking at her and she is the star!  

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