Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Riley's party

So we were traveling over Riley's birthday.  We did do something small to celebrate, cupcakes and a petting zoo, but it was nothing like the birthday party we had for Hannah.  

And, as any parent of more than one will tell you, it's just easiest to do for one what you are willing to do for all.  Because Riley remembers Hannah's birthday party.  So she would ask when she was going to have her party.  

I decided to wait until Aunt Casey was here.  Since I had to wait for us to get home, I didn't think it would matter much waiting another week or so.  Plus, I knew Casey would enjoy being home for it.  

Riley's cake was perfect, for Riley.  As you can see here, she loved it!  She had a few friends over, Regan from co-op and Olivia from church.  Ethan came over and stayed the night with us. 

I told everyone not to worry about gifts because
Riley just wanted everyone to look at her.
and sing to her.  

Our guests did not listen well.  At least most of them did not.  

EIther way, Riley had a fantastic time.  She played non stop in the back yard with her friends.  

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great, happy celebration for a great, happy little lady!

Papa Bob