Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I should've gone to the casino

Because I was on such a hot winning streak the other night!  

David's grandma is an avid crossword person.  She's does the ones in the newspaper all the time.  Which makes her an exceptionally good scrabble player.  And David, well much to my frustration, I've never beat him.  

Until this last weekend.....

When I beat Grandma Cernock and David.  I've learned, in Scrabble, that it's not about creating great words, it's about word placement.  And I was hitting double and triple words consistently.  

My scrabble score.  97 points by round 3!  I played "Quad" on a triple word tile.

Then we moved on to Quiddler.  Fun game, if you've never played it.  

No close up this time, but I annihilated them.  I think 100 points above 2nd place.  

Grandma Cernock is a game playing professional, she'll play all night long.  
David, with his game face on.  

I love playing games, it's even more fun when you win ever once in awhile!  

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Anonymous said...

Without question that was some excellent Scrabble playing. Too bad that a certain person, who VERY rarely loses to grandma, wasn't present. Beating the #2 player is quite the accomplishment though. Perhaps next time, the #1 player will be included :)