Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Searching for shoes

Now this may seem strange but this is where my search began.  You see, Riley needed shoes with a hard sole.  This proved to be very difficult because of Riley's small size.  Shoes for Riley's feet were soft soled.  I had visions of paying a lot of money for shoes for her.  However, the therapist believed that shoes would keep Riley out of braces, which makes me happy.  I looked online and in stores.  I even had Kelly and Lori searching.  

Last Friday David and I went to a high end mall in the area; Oakbrook Center.  His thought was we might find some shoes for Riley there.  So we started at Stride Right, which got us no results.  So then we decided to hit up some of the major department stores.  
We scored at Nordstrom's.  They're little boy shoes, but they have a sole!  The sales lady offered to order some in girl, but I don't care about having pink shoes.  I do care about getting her in shoes as quickly as possibly.  So we took them home, having spent less than I thought.  

You can already see how she's correcting her foot.  And she does it when the shoes are off as well, just not for long.  So she's in her shoes as much as possible.  

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