Thursday, October 11, 2012

More progress

Up, up and up she goes.  We were playing cards at the kitchen table and decided to remove a board, to make the table smaller.  Grandpa Bob got the idea to prop the board up on a medium sized, soft foot rest.  As soon as he did that, Riley investigated and climbed up it.  

And down it.  

Because of it's narrow size, Riley had to keep her legs together while going up.  Otherwise she would've fallen off.  

Here's Riley trying to figure out how to launch herself over the side, instead of climbing up.  

After doing this for 10 minutes or so, Riley crawled the conventional way.  And I did a happy dance.  She only crawled a few steps forward but she did it multiple times.  Since then, she will crawl a few steps forward here and there.  Riley had responded so well to therapy, it is so joyous to see her make the giant steps forward that she has made.  I have no doubt she'll be right on track developmentally, despite her small size, soon.  

Great Grandma Cernock and Riley Moon, with their walkers.  There's  90 year age difference here.  

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