Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet N Sassy

Saturday was birthday party day for Hannah.  She had a birthday party in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The first one was for Jayden, at a place called Sweet & Sassy.  The idea behind sweet n sassy is girl dress up fun.  There were 8 girls total, who all arrived to get their hair done, their nails done, put on fancy outfits and then prance on a runway.  

The lighting in the place was different.  I don't know it what way, but I do know that most of my photo's didn't come out great.  Most look a little out of focus.  

Glitter was EVERYWHERE!  

Riley really wanted to check out the runway.  

Birthday girl, Jayden, and Hannah.  

She was moving so fast!

Hannah, loving her outfit.  And the entire place.

Getting her princess bow hair do.  

The runway show.  The little girl behind Hannah is Eva.  She's 5 too, that's why they decided to be twins.  

Singing and dancing.  

The birthday girl.  

Hannah, getting "crowned." 
They also read Hannah's bio during this time.  She likes to color.  Her favorite color is pink.  And in her spare time she likes to play with her baby sister.  The one rule in her kingdom would be no boys allowed. 

Quasi Limbo 

The Princess'

The after party.  

Hannah had so much fun.  She absolutely loved it, and I must admit, it's a neat birthday idea.  Hannah was so hyper and constantly moving while there.  Of course, so were the other girls.  She ended up taking a nap before we went to her cousins birthday party.  They have much smaller packages for just one girl, like spa packages or hair packages.  It's something I would do for Hannah, as a treat for her.  

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Susan said...

Is that David in the background?? What did he think of all that pink and glitter?