Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Science fun

Yesterday Hannah and I tackled a couple of science related crafts.  One I'd been holding on to since our trip to California, the other I just came up with last week.  

I picked this fossil kit up at the Western Center for Science when I was out visiting Casey.  Hannah loved the museum, so I thought she'd enjoy doing this.  

But first, we put together a Halloween decoration.  We had a glass bottle, spiders, bats, and small, plastic halloween cut outs.

We put all those in the bottle with some red water.  Red water for effects only.  

We also added a little glitter, because who doesn't like a little glitter.  
Then we talked about why the bats stayed up top and everything else fell to the bottom.  
And now we have a Halloween decoration to keep.  

Back to the fossil kit.  Here's the block she had to break away to get to her fossil.  

She couldn't wait to dig out her surprise.  

She kept saying it was hard, that her hand was getting tired, but she kept chipping and brushing away.  

She's starting to see something. 

Look mom, it's right there!

Her first fossil removal, a tusk.  

She uncovered the fossil of a mammoth, which needs to be glued together.  
Finally, she painted.  

Only the paint that came with the mammoth dried up, so we had to improvise.  

So it's a metallic pink/purple/blue/gold mammoth.  Not conventional at all, but pretty!  

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Susan said...

I want to get one of those fossil things for Lem. And as he is always telling me, no one knows for sure what color dinosaurs were, because the skin didn't survive. Maybe it's the same with mammoths, and there were pink and purple ones. You never know!