Friday, October 12, 2012


This was our day.
Hannah, during one of her many outfit changes that happen daily.  And makeup.  And hair accessories.  

Riley had a rough night's sleep the night before.  She was up a few times, for no apparent reason.  I figured she was getting sick or teething.  She was getting sick.  She got a snotty nose and phlegmy breathing yesterday morning.  Then, around noon, she got a fever of 102.  She was uncomfortable and cranky the rest of the day.  She slept through the night last night, so we'll see how she feels this morning.  Hopefully better.  

Hannah is hard on earrings!  I had to get her a new pair yesterday, because we could only find one earring.  We had to take them out a couple days ago because the back of her earring got sideways and was mashed into her earlobe, to the point that it caused a sore.  I picked up a two pack of earrings at Target, one of them being dangly.  They're her first pair of dangle earrings and she's so excited.  I asked her is I could take a picture of her earrings and she said sure, can i go get into a better outfit?  Ugh, such a girl!!!

In other news, David dislocated his right shoulder yesterday at work.  That's the one he had repaired about 11 years ago in the Army.  He has to go see an Ortho before they'll clear him to climb anymore.  In the meantime, he's got light duty, so he's able to still work.  
I wonder, do you think I could trade my family in for one that doesn't have so many medical needs?

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